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Item 68: I’m not saying Jared Padalecki is a big softie, but here’s a portrait of him toasted onto a marshmallow. Just the way it should be.

Team Subtext

Team ClumsyChaos

Team TeamJuicyRecklessGISHamaritans

Team TrashBrigade

Comment: A toast to Jared Padalecki

Team SuperMarvelousTargaryensLovesBlanketBurritos

Comment: Sweet and Gooey on the inside, a little charred on the outside. Love forever to our Sam, Jared Padalecki. Apparently soldering irons are great marshmallow toasters!

Team M.I.S.H.A.(

Comment: Marshmallow Moose, Jared Padalecki Who knew roast moose would be that tasty :) - Kristi Hollenbeck

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