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Item 70: Over the years, Jensen Ackles has been depicted in Skittles, but we all know his character Dean loves pie. Let's do a crossover: Bake a Skittles pie with a portrait of Jensen baked into the upper crust. Lattice work in the top crust should allow you to see the Skittles inside behind Jensen. Here’s some inspiration..

Team SockDemons

Team CanadianEh

Comment: I was very excited/nervous to try this item because even though I like baking, this felt like a new level of pie-making. I'm very proud of how it turned out. It's got edible paint and cinnamon stencil. My very first face on a pie! (Better than a pie in the face!) GISH is all about getting out of your comfort zone, and I felt I got to experience that with this item! Thank you, GISH!

Team TwoChickenDinners

Team ThatwasScary

Comment: Jensen with his little lizard friend on his hat was A Lookâ„¢ that needed to be preserved for all eternity in a very delicious, highly nutritious, Skittle Apple Pie

Team AvengersInitiative

Comment: Everybody wants a piece of that Ackles!

Team Mooses&Squirrels

Comment: Pie and painting are two of my favorite things. It was fun to try and combine the two. (Not gonna lie, Jensen's face is kind of a favorite as well.) -Lauren LaCasse

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