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Item 73: An actual lumberjack working up on a tree with an impressive, long beard made out of googly eyes.

Team TheyWhoMustNotBeNamed

Comment: Dillon, Esther and Rachel


Comment: Thank you to our lumberjack, Evan Roberts, and the Grouse Mountain Lumberjack crew for allowing me to come up and film!

Team ScoobysRebelYells

Team GishInMyPants

Comment: Fun fact: lumberjacks fell trees from the ground, arborists are the ones who go up into the trees. If you call an arborist a lumberjack, it makes them a tad bit grumpy--and you don't want a grumpy eye-bearded man wielding a chainsaw. **All googly facial hair was donated to a local 6th grade special ed class. -Bethany W.

Team IMeanProbably

Comment: Over 500 Google eyes!

Team Yeet-or-be-Yeeted

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