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The submissions below were selected by HARSHers, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of GISH 2019. Enjoy exploring the weirdness! Browse through them, or click on an item number to see the top submissions.

Item 80: The Wondersmith makes surprise, fantastical parties in the forests of Oregon, which we find lovely. Set up a surprise party for hikers at least ½ a mile from a rest area that’s clearly been created by forest-dwelling fairies and/or trolls (that’s you). Make sure it’s welcoming, and capture the moment you’re surprising them— both you and the hikers should be in the image. They must be real hikers and strangers to you—don’t bring in ringers, or you’ll anger the fairy queen.

Team TwoChickenDinners

Team DeusExMishina

Team NerdAngels

Team HuManatee

Team Gnomad

Comment: We met a nice elderly couple from Germany in the forest hiking trail near Kiidjärve. They had been in Estonia for some time now and are planning do to so until mid September when they start driving back home (they have to be back by the beginning of October). They had finished driving the whole coastal area of Estonia and were now enjoining the southern part of the country. It came out we parked next to their VR :)

Team PenguinsOfDoom

Comment: Mystical forest nymphs of three, welcoming wanderers to see, a fairy party just for thee! Won't you stop and have some tea?

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