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Item 81: Love makes the world go round. Build a machine that uses love to spin a globe.

Team HalfFast

Comment: yes, i’m serious

Team GishandGiggles

Comment: The globe spins by, I think, the same physics as a Radiometer. Photons strike something in the object, generating a pressure, which spins the object. SCIENCE! Name: Clark A

Team ARGonutsLovesSixYearsOfMelonLord

Comment: My dad and I spend the hole day making this machine. We had a lot of fun and it is great to be able to do this with him. Chantal and Hans Drok, team ARGonutsLovesSixYearsOfMelonLord

Team #

Comment: The idea was a love song would turn the globe but we realized the record’s music is all copyrighted so we changed the music to non copyright in post.

Team SwordsInLakes

Comment: I wasn't sure how to tackle this. I went to my Dad. He thought Meccano might be able to help me build a machine. After digging out his Meccano set, which is over 50 years old, my Dad put together the machine and it worked. Emily King

Team WaywardGishers

Comment: Love is in the airrrrrr! (You're welcome for the ear worm, mwahahaha!)

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