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Item 90: It's an ineffable Good Omen to see Aziraphale and Crowley sharing a hot fudge sundae on Sunday. Post your picture on social media tagged #GoodOmens and @neilhimself. Bonus points if the sundae is eaten at a Sundae School on Cape Cod.

Team Y.A.G.B.I.C.

Comment: link to post: To dress up as these two and go out for a sundae was a very great date to have ❤

Team KAZ2Y5


Team DefenestrateSanity


Comment: Okay, it's not shot on a Sunday, but they're still reading last Sunday's paper, make it count? It still seems to me like an ineffable Good Omen.

Team TimelordInPerdition

Team TheRainbowLosechesters

Comment: ITEM 90? Ah, what a great item! It's our first gish hunt and getting such a cool one as a Cosplayer is even better. We started cosplaying them a few weeks ago and when we got the item list - all of our team members told us to do it. So we did it! It's a beautiful (and really warm) Sunday today and we're here, sharing a hot fudge sundae while doing what we love most. (Eating ice cream, obviously) We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! On Instagram and the Gish App we are theresnonameforme and pinegreencosplay from the Gish team TheRainbowLosechesters.

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