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GISH Hall of Fame 2019

Welcome to the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt!

The submissions below were selected by HARSHers, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of GISH 2019. Enjoy exploring the weirdness! Browse through them, or click on an item number to see the top submissions.

Item 186: It’s not just for fine dining anymore... At a fast-food establishment, get a grill cook to create a McAmuse-Bouche and serve it to a waiting, unsuspecting customer.

Team CharliesAngles

Item 176: You look so festive with your “real avocado leather” purse or shoes made from avocado peels. - Inspired by Debbie M.

Team 11thXhourXheroes

Item 146: Every year, I send Gishers to visit my grandmother at Roland Park Place retirement home in Baltimore, Maryland, and this year is no different. Visit her retirement community (or any nursing home or community near you) and help the residents escape—metaphorically, of course. Take them on a tropical getaway by staging an impromptu beach party! Between the hours of 1 PM ET—3 PM ET on Monday, July 29 and Wed July 31 only, bring flower leis, small flowers, pre-packaged treats (nothing homemade), postcards with kind notes on them and/or a ukulele or guitar to sing with them. Ask them to reminisce about the happiest summer vacation they ever took. (PS: No bathing suits and leave the sand home, please. Hawaiian shirts are fine.)

Team CreativeCrafters

Comment: This was so much fun! And took a lot longer than we expected, lol. We had more people who were supposed to come, but with forgetting, illness, just plain tiredness, we ended up with just these 3 lovely ladies. I had anticipated 30 mins to grab some pics, but we ended up taking a while to get organized, then sat and chatted for well over an hour. Then they insisted on giving us sandwiches! They had great stories, and loved seeing all the GISH antics we've been up to. It was a great connection, they forced us to slow down and enjoy this moment. One of my favorites!

Item 120: Neil Armstrong stepped on to the Moon 50 years ago. To memorialize this amazing achievement, make your own “One Small Step” monument. Take a Giant Leap for mankind and put your foot somewhere it has never been before and probably should not go, then show us the resulting footprint.

Team Scrumtrulescent

Item 115: SIDE-BY-SIDE. Bring an old bike back to life with a flourish—make it the most beautiful bike in the world. Give it to someone to someone in need. Submit photos of the bike before and after refurbishment, side-by-side. - Item Written By Misha’s Mom

Team ManicGishLovers

Comment: The Gish-flier is soaring to it's new home!