GISH Hall of Fame 2020 April Mini Hunt

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Item 17: We LOVE our kids, but occasionally we all need a little break. Right now, however, that can be challenging. Let's see your best quarantine technique for hiding from your children (camouflage, "mad-skills" hiding, appliance impersonation, invisibility... whatever it takes!)

Team TheMouseArmyLovesGISHENTINED

Comment: This is how I take 5 minutes for myself. My daughter laughed a lot while creating this item. In fact, she chose the hiding spot herself!

Team Awesomesaucers

Team TimeKnife

Comment: Even the team struggled to spot the camouflage in this! :D

Team MoralSupport

Team Lollies

Comment: Kids have a question about their online school work, moms be like...

Team GraciesGoofBallsLovesBasicWitchesLovesLARKINFAMLovesghoulpires

Comment: We found out that it's a lot easier for dad to get the beanbag cover on than it is to get it off. We also had several major script rewrites. Six words is apparently the magic number. There's also a Supernatural Easter Egg for eagle eyed viewers.

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