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GISH Hall of Fame 2020 April Mini Hunt

Welcome to the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt!

The submissions below were selected by HARSHers, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of GISH 2020 April Mini Hunt. Enjoy exploring the weirdness! Browse through them, or click on an item number to see the top submissions.

Item 34: As all Gishers know, "Zoombie" is the latest in zombie videoconferencing. Let's see one.

Team TeamCatSteel

Item 8: (UP TO 30 SECONDS.) Find a friend with a child and teach that child something you're an expert in (pottery making, how to play an instrument, drawing, rocket science, and thermodynamics, etc.) over video conference. Send us a screengrab of you teaching the child... or if it's a skill, send a video of you doing the skill and then the child doing the skill.

Team PersnlSpaceInvaders

Comment: I'm a makeup artist as a side hustle. Clark is my friend's son who LOVES makeup and green lipstick is his favorite!

Item 15: While so many of us are stuck at home, we might as well use our newfound time at home to work on ourselves and develop new skills to keep us marketable in an uncertain economy. With this in mind, learn to balance something on your chin for 20 seconds - a yardstick, a broom, a piece of a towel rack... or even something longer. Impress us! (Hint: Longer things are usually easier to balance. Don't break any windows.)


Item 33: Feed local first responders (Fire/EMS/Police), healthcare professionals (including doctors, nurses, vet offices, respiratory therapists, orderlies), or essential workers on the job by arranging delivery of meals from a local business to your local heroes. Get the delivery worker to conspire with you by snapping a pic posed with your recipients, and post it online tagged #FeedHeroNurses, #GISH, and @RandomActsOrg.

Team AwkwardArmadillos

Comment: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_bTL_5lqM13KHYdAzhPujFjr83B1g2HZTwoAE0/?igshid=17d3p8usdtas9

Item 24: Tampon Jenga. (You may not unwrap them -- this is not a time to be wasteful.)

Team SpaghettiForceLovesThe-B.I.P.S.

Comment: Tampon Jenga: Play like a girl.