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Item 179: Starting last week, Italy began debate on Alessandro Zan's anti-discrimination bill to make hate speech and discrimination against LGBT people a punishable offense. Show your support: draw an Italian landmark in rainbow colors.

Team CookiePirates

Comment: Trevi Fountain in Rome. Watercolor and ink. Love is love! Michelle Ross

Team WaywardTexasGalsLovesHuntinWitches

Comment: Now to find a frame..

Team #EssentialAF

Team planetjarmish

Comment: I chose the coliseum in Rome... would have loved to draw St. Peter since LGBTQ+ in church is an important topic as well, but technically the Vatican is not part of Italy... so there you Go! My name is Felicitas (IG handle @felicitasmayer)

Team NotTheLosechesters

Comment: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Team TeaTimeToo

Comment: I used two layers of ink before add the pencils, to create so bright colors! I´m proud of the final results!

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