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Item 257: This is the 10th Annual GISH Hunt, as we may have mentioned. So we're doing a #TBTY (Throw Back Ten Years), to the VERY FIRST GISH Item ever, in 2011: Someone completely covered in cotton candy. The only part of them that can be showing is their face, which has to have lipstick all over it. (NOTE: You must have a sign that says "2020" somewhere in the image.)

Team RightHereRightMeow

Team Pudding

Comment: Why am I so sticky?

Team Schnitzeljaeger

Team #

Comment: She was melting with the cotton candy! (Thanks, Texas) I had to coax that little grin out of her with the promise of a milkshake.

Team SurroundedByIdjits

Comment: Pro-tip: stock up on cotton candy for winter emergencies because it is VERY HOT when worn as clothing. -Christine Clauder

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