You probably have questions. We have answers. Here’s what happens next: 


 Go meet your team! All you need to do is log into the website or open your GISH app (on IOS or Android)and go to My Team. You’ll be able to see all of your teammates and connect with them there. Communication will be key to your success during the Hunt so find chat, videoconferencing, or other communication platforms you all like. There are lots of options: Discord, Slack, Facebook Messages, telepathy — you name it. The more communication, the better. You can use any tools that work for your team — just remember to be kind and inclusive, and above all, COMMUNICATE.


It’s time to connect with your team! 


    • COMMUNICATE: Get to know your team. The more you know about each, the more prepared you’ll be for the weekend. Where are they from? Do your fellow weirdos have unique hobbies or interests? Have they played before? Why did they sign up for GISH? What do they hope to experience during the Hunt? Connecting now will make your 24 hours in the trenches way more fun later and may even make you GFFs (GISH Friends Forever).  
    • Can’t connect with a teammate? You might have team members who are silent when you first reach out to them. They may even stay quiet throughout the Hunt. It’s okay— sometimes real life gets in the way and people “ghost.” Keep trying to connect, but be kind and gentle — everybody has a lot going on right now, and some people are also shy. (Remember that first day of school, and you were afraid to say the wrong thing, so you said nothing at all? That.) Be courteous, motivating, and inclusive, but if your GISH “ghosts” don’t materialize, PLEASE don’t contact support about this. It’s possible that your teammate has serious things going on and we want to respect their space.
    • WANT TO CHANGE YOUR TEAM NAME? Did your team name change? That’s okay! When GISHBOT combines two or more partially filled teams to build a complete team, it also merges your names together. This gives all teams equal footing. You can keep this name, work together on a NEW name, or choose one of your existing ones to go with. COLLABORATE! Deciding on your team name is your first team-building exercise. Embrace it with the same creativity and collaborative spirit that you will employ during the Hunt. (The Captain will be able to change the team name. If you don’t see this feature yet, don’t email our Support Sloths about it; we’ll have it to you soon.)
    • WHAT TO CHANGE YOUR TEAM CAPTAIN? There may be situations where you choose to change the Captain of your team. The Captain can do this in their My Team panel on the  website or  app.
    • SET UP A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. Make sure someone on your team has a YouTube account set up (or set up a team YouTube – it’s free). Make sure someone on your team knows how to upload a video to YouTube. 
    • GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR CAMERA/MOBILE PHONE. You’ll be taking pictures and videos of your accomplishments and uploading them to us — your mobile phone is FINE for this, but if you’re not familiar with taking pictures and videos, practice that now. (You probably already know how to do this.)
    • GOT ZOOM? We heard a rumor that you might want to know how to use Zoom (it’s super easy). So if you haven’t done that before, try it out. (It’s free.)
    • GET READY. Think about what you have in the house that makes good craft supplies and be ready to think WAY outside the box. 


It’s time to take a deep breath and relax! WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO:  DON’T WORRY.  You have enough stress in your life right now with The Rest of The Things Happening In The World.  This is a no-pressure, fun opportunity to blow off some steam, make some friends, get silly, creative, and weird. So don’t worry. We’ve got you, and you’ve got this.  We’ll be posting a new update with “How to Play” soon to teach new folks the basics. Meanwhile, if you’ve played GISH before, you know the mechanics of the Hunt (though there will be a few small changes). Feel free to mingle in the GISH Bunker or on social media to get to know each other, and if you’re a veteran Gisher, answer questions for the new kids.  Let’s have some fun together.

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