Welcome To GISH:

Greatest International Scavenger Hunt

Hey, There! You’re probably here because someone badgered you into joining GISH (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt), or what they might’ve referred to as:

  • “The funnest adventure of a lifetime.”
  • “The weirdest thing you’ll do as an adult.”
  • “That thing I did for fun & charity when I pleaded with you for strange favors, etc.”

You might be a little confused right now. That’s totally okay. You just need to know one thing:

This is your ticket to join thousands of people in over 100 countries on a vacation from a boring, normal life through a fun, exciting game


If you like fun, adventure, hijinks, creativity, and/or saving the world, this game is for you. And right now, if you join GISH, you’re helping to save lives. Learn more here!