As we count down the final days of the 2018 Gishporium, we are proud to unveil the cover of the official 2018 GISH Hunt Coffee Table Book! We think you’ll agree it’s a thing of beauty, or at least a thing that now exists in the world!


The Coffee Table Book is the weirdest trip down memory lane you”ll ever have, and every gisher should have the opportunity to read our fine print. But when we heard there were some in our community who couldn’t afford one but participated, we knew something had to be done!

So we’ve innovated a totally new program unlike anything else on the Interweb (and totally not stolen from @Stands) to help match gishers-in-need with generous donors in an act of supreme kindness and bibliophilanthropy. This process will help support GISHLiteracy (the reading of gish coffee table books) for gishers all around the world.

Donors will be matched a book-less gisher in need, based upon your location. The rest is up to your resourceful, gishy selves to arrange.

Please donate a book if you can, or, if you’re in need, apply to be matched to a generous Gisher who can help make your hardcover dreams come true. Because the world is a better place when we all give a lit.

We will be closing donation matching on Saturday, October 13 at 10pm PT.

Thank you.