We want to help you add to your book pile.

Is the stack of unfinished books on your bedside table troubling you? Well, with audiobooks, you won’t have that problem!

We’ve partnered with Libro.fm, an incredible audiobook platform  that supports independent bookstores, to give away 6 audiobooks to 3 Gishers who join the 2022 GISH Book Bash hunt or gift registrations by Friday, March 18th at 10pm PT! 

Join Book Bash or gift a registration to enter!

About Libro.fm
Libro.fm makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create jobs, and make a difference in your community. They split the profit from your purchases with your local bookstore of choice!

Want Even More Books?
Premium Book Bash Gishers from anywhere in the world will also be getting a free audiobook through Libro.fm. So, why stop at just one book when you could have piles of audiobooks waiting in your To Be Read pile? Upgrade to Premium Book Bash Registration and you’ll be guaranteed an Audiobook!

If you want to register for a Libro.fm membership, we have an exclusive offer from them (US & Canada only): You’ll also receive 2 audiobook credits for $14.99 USD with your first month of membership when you use promo code GISH.