Legend tells a tale of three Gishers: all champions of compassion, creativity, and courage. Once registered for the Wizards & Weirdos Mini Hunt, these fair bards did spread the tale of the coming Hunt to all their friends, loved ones, and all they met throughout the land, using their natural charisma to sway others to join this mighty Quest for Good. Fortune saw their good deeds and smiled upon them, and in thanks for their heroic persuasion, granted their ENTIRE GISH TEAMS free registration!

YOU COULD BE THE ONE. Invite everyone you know to the #GISH Wizards & Weirdos Play-At-Home Mini Scavenger Hunt before FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 at 11:59 PM PT and you & your ENTIRE TEAM could win free basic registration!

To win, simply use your Referral Code or Referral Link on your GISH Profile to invite others to join the Quest. EVERY registrant who uses YOUR referral code to join will grant you another entry to win Free Basic Registration for your entire team!

But of course, helping more people have fun & do good is its own reward. You’ll be lauded throughout history for bringing joy and connection to hearts of everyone you know — and helping them to do good in the process!

Join us now for a whole new dimension of heart-pounding adventure in this magical Mini Scavenger Hunt, then invite your friends and family! You can play for an hour or the entire weekend — and your team could even win one of 3 magical Prize Packages! Best of all, you’ll be doing some chaotic good: to start with, every registration donates coats to two people in need to give them armor against the cold! 



Not signed up for the Hunt yet? To play a role in this quest, take the initiative: Sign up now and build your team! When you join the 2021 GISH Wizards & Weirdos Mini Scavenger Hunt, you’ll spend a weekend having fun as we take you on an epic virtual adventure filled with creativity, discovery, and fantasy — and yes, even dragons. But you’ll ALSO be spreading goodwill throughout the land and warming hearts, because every registration will help One Warm Coat, a 501(c)3 charity, provide at least 2 warm coats to people in need!

Basic Registration for the 2021 GISH Hunt is just $19.99!

That’s about the price of a trip to the movies or 80 quarters for a whole weekend of adventure that actually helps you do good — plus, you and your band of merry rogues could win one of three fabulous Prize Packages! 



One Warm Coat works to provide warm coats to underserved communities. Each year, thousands upon thousands of people suffer or even die due to extreme cold temperatures. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable, and studies show that people with comorbidities are at a higher risk of heart attacks and other fatal health events after exposure to cold.

The harsh global economic climate only exacerbates the issue — families who are struggling to even keep a roof over their heads and food on the table are often forced to forgo a warm coat for themselves or their children. Help us wrap them in warmth and keep them safe — sign up to participate in the GISH Wizards & Weirdos Mini Scavenger Hunt and you’ll provide 2 coats to 2 people. Upgrade to a Most Premiumerest Registration and you’ll provide warmth to 4 souls in need!

Spread some Chaotic Good with us and join us for the adventure of a lifetime, right from the comfort of your own home— and when you do, you’ll help us cast a spell of warmth and goodwill throughout the realm!